The Ultimate Mountain Lover Gift Guide

December 03, 2018

The Ultimate Mountain Lover Gift Guide

We are nerds who love gear. We design our skis and freeheel bindings to high standards, and demand that from the rest of our gear as well. Here is a list of our favorites for the outdoor gear connoisseur. Enjoy!

Gordini Wrangell $165.00

It’s 6AM, and you’re already an hour into your morning skin. Why? Because you have to work at eight o’clock, and it snowed 14” overnight, that’s why. Well it turns out those gas station work gloves just aren’t cutting it in the -10 degree trek, and messing with your skins and gear during your changeover with mittens on just sucks.  Enter the Wrangell, It’s half mitten, and half glove, because if you can’t open your backpack with your mitts on, you’re doing it wrong.

Sweet Protection Igniter MIPS $179.96

Brains… We use them every day, so treat them with the respect they deserve. Thanks to Sweet Protection, we can use the most cutting edge technology that brain buckets have to offer: The M.I.P.S. is built into a bazillion helmets on the shelf nowadays, it stands for “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System”, which is pretty geeky and cool if you want to learn more about it. Just know that you should wear one while you’re shredding, and also right before you hit on that chick with the meathead boyfriend.  




Goal Zero Venture 30 Kit $179.90 

Let’s face it, you’re addicted to getting that perfect instagram selfie, #nofilter #blessed. But how are you going to pick up that perfect photo of that skin track you set on day 3 of your epic hut trip when your phone battery kills off? This bad boy will charge your phone, gopro, vibrator and whatever else you want to bring on an overnight… the best part, you’ll recharge that tech with the sun!

Forsake Clyde II Boot $139.95

Sweet Kicks designed by skiers, for skiers: There’s not many feelings in this world better than pulling your stinkies out of those stiff T-Races and slipping them into some primo footwear. Keep the dream alive by picking up a pair of Clyde II Boots from Forsake. These waterproof bad boys are going to keep you comfy enough to get to first chair, and keep you looking good until last call.

Dakine Poacher R.A.S. Vest $185.00 

Sometimes you're lazy, and you want the ultimate in slacker protection. Why waste all that time and energy skinning and hiking when all you have to do is access some slack country off the lift? Bring all the required gear with none of the bulk. Slim enough to sit on a chairlift without having to unhook all those straps, but just enough room for the essentials: Beacon, Probe, Shovel, and a Sandwich. Plus, get the added protection of the Mammut R.A.S. Airbag system.   



O'Neill Psycho One 3/2 Chest Zip Full Wetsuit $349.95

It’s mid February and Mt. Powstash hasn’t gotten snow in a couple weeks.  The Weather-Dude isn’t giving us great news and you’re getting pretty sick of day-drinking.  Unlike you, your college roommate got a real job when he graduated and has a sick pad on the beach. The only thing you need to pack is a toothbrush, and your own wetsuit, because who knows how many people pissed in that rental. Surf’s up, brah!

Hurley Phantom Boardwalk Shorts $59.95

It’s last call and Julie..eer..Jamie.. uh.. whatever her name is wants you come back to her place and “Soak in her hot tub”. Sober You made great choices and dressed yourself up in the Phantom Boardwalk Shorts.  Yeah, there boardshorts that look great at the bar, but the quick dry recycled-polyester blend will make sure you don’t freeze your favorite parts off when she rejects you for throwing up in the tub. “But why would I go out drinking in the middle of winter with shorts on?”, You might ask...  Because you’re a savage, that’s why.



So there you have it...  a little taste of what should be on every mountain maniac and Tele-Skier's Christmas list this year. But not until after you've already purchased your own BISHOP Setup for the season.   -  Check out the CHEDI + BMF/R  for the ultimate in backcountry access and domination,  or try the GONZO + BMF/3 for hard shredding on the lift service terrain.  

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