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Binding/Ski/Everything Strap

If anything is better than duct tape it is these 20" long by 3/4" wide flexible straps. Made of tough stretch polyurethane and a hardened aluminum buckle, they have many uses. Sold as each.

These straps are used mainly to hold your skis and bindings together. While carrying your skis, the Bishops can pivot freely and mouse trap your fingers or give you a good smack in your gaper head. Don't be that guy. Look steezy and strap 'em together nice and neat.

Keep this strap in your pocket when skiing as it can be used for many purposes - McGyver style. It's held a broken boot together on more than one occasion. You should always carry a few of these straps when travelling in the backcountry or sidecountry: A-frame skis on your pack, fix a pesky climbing skin, hold your shovel and probe together, the list goes on...

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