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75mm Conversion Kits


Don't like your NTN boots?  If you want to make the switch from NTN boots back to you comfy, tried and true 75mm "duck bill", simply unbolt your BMFs from your switch plate and send them to Bishop HQ. We will install the new parts as well as perform a full binding inspection to repair or replace any worn parts if needed. We then lather on a layer of Binding Butter, and complete a full tune up of your bindings.

We recommend that you send them to us, although we do understand that there are certain circumstances that will make that difficult, so in those cases we offer the parts to ship. Unless you are a do it yourself person with good mechanical skills, we suggest letting the experts take care of it.

Note: the BMF/3 conversion is more expensive as it is a much larger part being the entire front end of the binding.

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