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Bishop’s products are all made with the same agenda: to be the gold standard in Badassery, performing and powering beyond the rest.

Step into a pair of BMF/R's and feel every ounce of applied force transferred from your legs right to the snow, and with 60 degrees of free touring, you'll think you're walking on a cloud to pow-town. 

We are all Badassadors, hellbent on spreading the good word of the Sacred Snow and the BMF/R is our mighty sword. Now go forth and shred. 

New for 2019:

  • Redesigned tour throw for easier transitions from tour to tele
  • Reinforced touring mechanism housing
  • 30% more flex for deeper telemark turns (i.e. more face shots)
  • Improved Switch Plate Technology™ with Spiralock® threads for quick and secure transfer across multiple pairs of skis
  • Optional Soft Spring Kit allows you to further customize your bindings to your liking.
  • Improved heel lock and heel bracket
  • Burlier toe cage and toe cage cover
  • Carbon fiber components are lighter and more durable. 
  • 60 degrees of resistance-free touring mode (55 degrees for 75mm boots)
  • Rock-solid ski-mode means no play or slop
  • 7 and 14 degree heel risers
  • Simple, accessible lever to switch from ski mode to touring mode
  • Intuitive "alpine style" step-in / step-out means no more bending over
  • Brake options: 90, 100, 115, or 125mm
  • NTN or 75mm boot compatibility
    • NOTE: This binding requires a heel with a shelf. For example, it does NOT work with older Crispi CXR and CXX boots.
  • Spring tension is easily adjusted on the hill with the a turn of a screw
  • Weight: 1900 g - one size fits all (the brakes add 170 g)
  • Bishop's Satisfaction Guarantee

Oh, and those 75mm duck bill boots that fit like a glove — keep 'em! The BMF's come in 75mm or NTN — with the option to change it down the road with our NTN Upgrade Kit

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