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Bishop’s products are all made with the same agenda: to be the gold standard in Badassery, performing and powering beyond the rest.

Step into a pair of BMF/R's and feel every ounce of applied force transferred from your legs right to the snow, and with 60 degrees of free touring, you'll think you're walking on a cloud to pow-town. 

We are all Badassadors, hellbent on spreading the good word of the Sacred Snow and the BMF/R is our mighty sword. Now go forth and shred. 

New for 2019:

  • Redesigned tour throw for easier transitions from tour to tele
  • Reinforced touring mechanism housing
  • 30% more flex for deeper telemark turns (i.e. more face shots)
  • Improved Switch Plate Technology™ with Spiralock® threads for quick and secure transfer across multiple pairs of skis
  • Optional Soft Spring Kit allows you to further customize your bindings to your liking.
  • Improved heel lock and heel bracket
  • Burlier toe cage and toe cage cover
  • Carbon fiber components are lighter and more durable. 
  • 60 degrees of resistance-free touring mode (55 degrees for 75mm boots)
  • Rock-solid "Lock Wedge" ski-mode means no play or slop
  • 7 and 14 degree heel risers
  • Simple, accessible lever to switch from ski mode to touring mode
  • Intuitive "alpine style" step-in / step-out means no more bending over
  • Brake options: 90, 100, 115, or 125mm
  • NTN or 75mm "Duckbill" boot compatibility
    • NOTE: This binding requires a heel with a shelf. For example, it does NOT work with older Crispi CXR and CXX boots.
  • One size fits all (NTN Boot Sole Lengths of 270 to 346mm, 75mm "Duckbill" Boot Sole Lengths of 280mm to 356mm)
    • Spring tension is easily adjusted on the hill with the a turn of a screw
    • Weight: 1900 g - one size fits all (the brakes add 170 g)
    • 75mm version has a dedicated LEFT and RIGHT binding.  The small leash hole in the Toe Cage should be on the outside.
    • Bishop's Satisfaction Guarantee

    Oh, and those 75mm duck bill boots that fit like a glove — keep 'em! The BMF's come in 75mm or NTN — with the option to change it down the road with our NTN Upgrade Kit

      Need to mount your new BMFs?  Ready to dial them in for your boots and skiing style?  check out our FAQ page.

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