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Christopher Ewart - Vail, Colorado



Christopher Ewart-  Athlete Manager

Growing up in Colorado, Christopher knew one thing: "Skiing is the answer".   He knew that if he was going to support himself and his addictions to winter wonderlands, he'd have to go to school and get a real job.  Unfortunately for him, he move to Vail, skipped class too often and hit the hill instead.  He threw away all of his alpine equipment in 2006 and started to tele full time from there on out.   Aspiring to be a "Pro Telemark Skier", Christopher spend most of his days learning how to ride switch, spin to win, and get upside down.  Which paid off when he was able to land on the podium in 2012 at the "Winter Teva Games" at his home mountain in Vail Colorado, landing (what we believe) to be the first ever Double Front Flip in a Telemark Competition. We'll consider that to be his prime, as Christopher has since gotten a full time job working in the Vail Emergency Department, and now runs Bishop's Marketing and Athlete Program.  When he's not saving lives or sitting in front of his Computer with a half full glass of whiskey, you'll find him shredding the backcountry around Vail and Beaver Creek mountain, and blabbering on a microphone at the base of the Freeheel Life Cup in Grand Targhee.