The Bishop Difference - OLD

"Stability and lateral control were rated best, and a tester called the flex progressive."  -Backcountry Magazine, 2015 Gear Guide



The Bishop 2.0 telemark binding uses high-grade aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, precision CNC machined in Colorado USA to create our patented Sliding Plate Technology™. This makes for the most responsive, stable and durable telemark ski binding on the market. It is also surprisingly light and quick - about the same weight as most other telemark bindings. Brightly anodized metal complements the industrial design. High performance functional work of art made in the USA. You deserve it. Get your pair today.


Adjustable Progressive Flex is a hallmark of the Bishop. You can go from a more neutral to a very active feel with one simple adjustment. By adjusting the position of the solid Main Pivot thru axle, you change the timing and amount of force you apply to your skis with your rear foot. When the axle is in the most forward position, the toe of the boot can roll over the Toe block, and is a more neutral, or softer feeling flex which some people prefer, and can help beginners get the feel for bending the knee. Others prefer the axle in the rear position which engages the toe of the boot very early in the flex, and requires more force which translates into more force to the tips of the ski. This position is generally preferred by larger, more aggressive riders. It is also a great position for landing sweet tele tricks in the terrain park.


A pivoting Toe Bail offers unique benefits over the fixed toe box design of other telemark bindings. The current toe bail works with 75mm "duckbill" tele boots and not NTN boots.  Eliminate "Floppy Ski Syndrome". This is what we call the effect of fixed toe box tele bindings: the heel of your boot gets spring loaded away from the ski. Not cool having your skis flop around, especially in the air or at higher speeds. The Bishop 2.0 is designed with a pivoting Toe Bail and a small clamping force on the heel of your boot that keeps your skis firmly against the heel of your boot when you are rocketing down the hill, launching huge air or sliding rails in the park .


The Switch Plates™ get mounted to your boards, then four machine screws attach each binding to the base plate. You can quickly and easily swap your Bishops between other skis in your quiver in 5 minutes with the supplied 5mm hex wrench. Check the snow report and mount up your chosen ride. No need to buy a binding for each ski. Save your cash for the Bishop. The Switch Plates™ also allow for multiple mounting positions, so you have the ability to move the binding forward and rearward 1 cm from the mounting position. Try different positions after you get them mounted. No other binding out there can do that.


Backcountry ClimbingClimbing Bails give those who love to earn their turns 15 degrees of heel lift for taming steep climbs. You can adjust the Main Pivot for an easier flex for skinning, but we do not recommend doing this on the hill. Also, for really long climbs you can remove one of the two springs which dramatically reduces the force required to tour (make sure you bring your 5mm allen wrench!). Or, keep it in whatever position you prefer, earn you turns a bit more than your spandex clad rando buddies, then rip down anything with confidence. Its all about the down. Go ahead and have some extra fries and beer at apres = badassery.

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