Happy Summer! We are taking a break -- Any new orders will ship the week of July 8th

Demo Sale

It's that time of year!  We're trying to clear out some stock for next season, and that includes our entire Demo Fleet! All skis listed are sold AS IS, and priced to sell.   

 Bindings are NOT included with the skis unless otherwise noted.

Ordering Instructions: 

Email info@bishopbindings.com with

-Ski or Binding Selection (Include brake size in needed)

-Shipping Address

Will will then return your email with an invoice. 

Invoices will be sent in order of email request. 

Due to High Demand, invoices will be void if unpaid within 1 business day and given to the next customer request.  



Bishop Chedi


Weston Black Belt 


 K2 Dawn Patrol 


RMU Guyot



ON3P Kartel 106



 2018 RMU Apostle 98


2019 RMU Apostle 98



RMU Junias



Line Prophet 115




Ski Logic Howitzer BC