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BMF-3 and BMF-R Mounting and Quick Start Guide

A Quick Start Guide and mounting template is included with every new pair of bindings. Additionally, you can download the BMF Quick Start Guide here.  You will also need to download the BMF mounting template here. This mounting template is a two page version that you can print out on two standard 8.5" x 11" paper sheets and tape together to mount your BMF binding Switch Kits - base plates and pads.

Mounting the BMF bindings

Unless you are a very experienced ski tech (and even if you are), watch this video to learn how to properly mount the BMF-R or BMF-3 to your boards with our mounting template, and a 22 Designs mounting jig if you have access to one. Measure twice, drill once. This is what you will need:

Tape Measure, Felt Tip Pen  3.5mm step drill (or 9/64") or Drill Stop/Tape
Tape Chamfer Bit or Large Drill
Hammer Wood Glue
Center Punch or Big Nail #3 Pozidrive screw driver


Adjusting the BMFs to your boots

Use the provided BMF Boot Fit Check to ensure your bindings are correctly adjusted to your boots!


Stepping in and out of the BMFs, and how to switch between tour mode and ski mode on the BMF-R


Moving your BMF bindings between Switch Kits and switching brakes

For older model instructions and videos check out our YouTube channel