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BMF-R Telemark Binding

Hang in there! We have been hard at work getting the BMF-R ready for you for the 2018/19 season. Every aspect of this revolutionary binding has been improved and refined with the help of our tribe. Stay tuned for the details. It should be ready to ship by the end of October.  Let it snow!

Are you ready for unsurpassed telemark performance, convenience, durability, and touring?

Sick of trying to flip a heel clip in while your ski slides away? Or fighting with "step-in" bindings that don't really step in or out? Clipping leashes to your boots?  Forget about it. The BMF line comes standard with ski brakes and intuitive step-in and step-out.  Welcome to the future.

Still love those comfy 75mm duck bill telemark boots? Lucky you. Unique to Bishop, the BMF's come in 75mm or NTN — with the option to change it down the road without buying a whole new binding. Cha-ching!

Backcountry?  We got that. The BMF-R telemark binding boasts a free-pivot touring mode with both low and high heel risers.

It's duck butt season. The BMF-R holds onto your boot at the heel instead of the middle of your foot, “second heel”, or “duck butt” for the most progressive and powerful turns. Longer lever = more power and control.

The BMF-R is made to Bishop's legendary standard of performance and reliability, so you can count on rock-solid downhill power, edging, and now uphill touring. Like all Bishop products, the BMF-R is built to last.


  • 60 degrees of resistance free touring mode (55 degrees for 75mm boots)
  • 7 and 14 degree heel risers
  • Simple, accessible lever to switch from ski mode to touring mode
  • Intuitive "alpine style" step-in and step-out
  • Brakes included. 100, 115, or 125mm width
  • NTN or 75mm boot compatibility.
    • NOTE: This binding requires a heel with a shelf. For example, it does NOT work with older Crispi CXR and CXX boots.
  • Activeness easily adjusted by turning screws in the end of the spring tubes
  • Switch Plate Technology™ for quick transfer between multiple pairs of skis (compatible with both BMF-3 and BMF-R)
  • Weight: 1900 g - one size fits all (the brakes add 170 g)

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