BMF Switch Kit™

Since 2001, Bishop has offered value to telemark skiers with the original switch kit system. Buy one bomber BMF binding, and use it on your whole quiver of skis. The Bishop BMF Switch Kit allows you to quickly transfer your bindings between multiple pairs of skis. Save your hard earned cash money for Apres. No need to have a pair of bindings for each set of skis.

*If you are a heavier or more aggressive skier, we recommend the BMF HD 3.0 Switch Kit or the BMF HD Switch Kit.

The BMF-R Switch Kit comes with climbing wires, and the BMF-3 Switch Kit does not. You cannot use climbing wires with the resort oriented BMF-3 binding. These Switch Kits are not compatible with Bishop 2.0 bindings. A 2.0 Switch Kit is available for that binding.