Join the Badassery! Bishop is seeking telemark athletes and ambassadors

October 01, 2015 1 Comment

Bishop is seeking athlete ambassadors to test and develop the next generation of downhill telemark bindings.

Dubbed the #Badassadors, both traditional and freestyle telemark skiers are invited to apply and join our team of sponsored athletes to help promote our brand and advance the incredible sport of telemark skiing. 
Simply put, the Bishop 2.0 is built for “big mountain badassery”. Unlike any other telemark bindings, the 2.0 is engineered using bomber titanium, aluminum and stainless steel for ultimate stability and lateral control. Our bindings are especially ideal for newschoolers pushing the boundaries of telemark in the freestyle realm. 
Ambassadors should be similarly badass when it comes to their influence, stoke and contribution to the free-heel way of life. (3) winners will be selected on Oct. 20th -- aka the first official week of ski season here in Colorado -- based on a criteria of reach, authenticity, voice and fit. 
Apply online today! 

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Kevin Blanc
Kevin Blanc

March 14, 2019


Hope you’re well?
I am currently based in Spain and riding in the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia.
A lot of pictures were made and are available on my website:
Some videos have been already made and more will come as well including my main seasonal movie, where I can promote actively your brand over all the different media, social media, newspapers and in action in my hometown resort.
My personal website helps to make some huge promotion as well.
If you have any opportunities available please let me know, I’ll be happy to share my videos with your company, I could add your logo at the beginning of my videos and through social media, website, promote locally and worldwide your equipment etc…

I have been also the main writer of all the lines into the Portes du Soleil ski area and Vallnord Arcalis:,1.4910001845421295,7424.230882380442,-30.000001781168105,-56.88425893412765,normal,6.7517981120274495,7574.904822014366,-30.000000000000004,0,normal

I am a Graduate with an HND in sociology and communication from the University of Saint-Etienne in France.
I have spent most of the spare time of my life skiing in Europe. From the Alps to Scotland, passing by the south of Europe.
I have been working in different fields passing by customer service, through the Royal Bank of Scotland, marketing sports betting. But as well as hospitality with some retail work in a ski shop.

All the fields where I have been working been all the time in link with the fact to put the customer in the centre of the work and projects.
I have spent as well a few years to get back into freeriding, using Blogspot, website, social media, social media channel etc..
Working on videos editing, photo editing and how to sell and market my work. Including how to gain some potential partnerships with some skiing brand.

Through the last years outside of my full-time work, I spent all my extra time to find a way to make my website more efficient, and improve the quality of my videos.
The main aim of this was to bring alongside a ski brand to make these projects better, which taught me the reality of the skiing industry.

During my time in Scotland, I have been working for Nanox ski and wax, as UK distributor aside from my full-time job. We were a focus to bring a new ski brand to the UK, I was marketing the Nanox banana republic, really huge powder ski machine.
These difficult market conditions taught me how to deal with this, and my experience in a ski shop explained to me the importance to have some set up in some retail shops. As well the difference of prices between the internet website, retail, eBay and what customer in a ski shop really want etc..

All that I learned from my previous work experiences, I would like to use this with you. Passing my mistakes and good choices etc, basically life experiences.
Reaching target and make a long-term success of this company and working as a part of a team.
Using my languages skills, marketing experiences, logistical knowledge, personal experiences, communication skills to make sure my work will be good enough.
I am not scared to work from home and to manage my time alone. I do want to work hard as I believe this is the only way to get some result and to aim for success.

I am from a ski town, and I started skiing at 2 years old, skiing is all my life basically living for skiing. Did not mind to drive 250 miles to get a few hours of skiing. Working with what is your mojo in life is as well something giving you more motivations, to do this extra mile to reach something high.

Please feel free to come back to me anytime if needed.

Regards Kevin.

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